Why don't bees sting the honey market?

The skin of Honey Bazaar is very thick and loose, which protects it from the stings of bees. There is also a thick layer of fat under the skin that prevents the sting from entering the body.

The honey bazaar's fur has dense hair that protects it from stings. The hairs prevent bees from reaching the skin and help remove stingers by trapping them.

Honey market uses smoke to drive away bees. He creates smoke by burning grass and leaves around the hive, due to which the bees get scared and run away.

Honey bees are very fast and run in a zigzag manner to avoid bees.

Honey marketers are experienced hunters and know the behavior of bees well. They know when bees attack and how to avoid them.

The honey market respects the bees and only takes as much honey as it needs.

He does not touch the bee queen and larvae, thereby not causing damage to the hive.