Why do snakes vomit like humans

Seeing snakes vomit can be a strange sight, especially since they clean their stomachs in the same way as humans.

When a snake eats food that is difficult for it to digest, it may vomit to expel it. This food may be too large, spoiled or poisonous.

Snakes sometimes vomit to clean their stomachs. This can happen if they eat too much hair or feathers, which become lodged in their stomachs.

Some diseases can also make snakes vomit. These include infections, parasites and toxicity.

Stress can also make snakes vomit. This can happen when they are being hunted, captured or placed in a new environment.

The vomit of snakes is slightly different from the vomit of humans. They use their stomach muscles to bring their food back to their mouth.