PBKS vs SRH Match में PBKS से नही खेलेंगे ये 2 ; देखलो वरना पक्का हारोगे ?

The pitch at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad is expected to be a batting paradise for the upcoming match between SRH and PBKS:

The pitch offers a good balance between bat and ball, unlike some other grounds that have heavily favored batters this season.

This pitch has seen a lot of runs this IPL season, with bowlers struggling to find much assistance..

The pitch offers good bounce and carry for the batsmen, making it easier to score boundaries

Spinners might find some grip as the game progresses, but the overall assistance is expected to be minimal.

The small boundaries (shortest being 59 meters and longest being 76 meters) make it a ground suited for big-hitters. .

Overall, expect a high-scoring match with batsmen from both sides dominating the show. .

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