Richa Chadha supports 'Heeramandi' co-star Sharmin Segal amidst growing criticism: 'There’s so much going on in the world! Please move on' 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s OTT debut series, "Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar," gained much popularity for its opulent narration and cinematography.

However, the series also received some criticism, particularly for Sharmin Segal’s performance.

The criticism turned into a kind of bullying, and some even called her a "nepo kid," as she is SLB's niece. Now, actress Richa Chadha has come out on social media to support her Heeramandi co-star, Sharmin.

Richa Chadha took to her Instagram account to raise her voice against all the destructive criticism that people are spreading

The actress shared a screenshot in which there is a nasty comment about Sharmin’s act as Alamzeb from the series.

The comment by the netizen reads, “Don’t ever return to that show, it was specifically made for an emotionless hamming nepo kid.”

Expressing her opinion about the same, Richa wrote, “For the past month, whenever I have been able to keep track and be vigilant enough, I have been deleting negative comments about a co-star that appear in my comments. Guys?

Offer constructive criticism, but this much visceral hate? It’s one thing to reject someone’s performance, theek hai! Mat karo pasand, aapka haq hai.”?

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