Mary Kom Gets Annoyed With Kapil Sharma,

It seems like Mary Kom was not okay with too many jokes on angry boxers on The Great Indian Kapil Show.

The boxing champion was seen on Saturday night’s episode with Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal..

During the episode of the Netflix show, Kapil Sharma cracked jokes about Saina’s badminton, Sania’s gold medals and often circled back to boxers being angry

At one point, Mary confessed she was getting angry by the recurring jokes.

The incident took place when Kapil spoke to Mary about the mouth guards often sported by boxers.

“Mary, when I watch boxing in movies, the coach would put something in the boxer’s mouth before the match, the denture guard… I used to wonder,

“Why does every boxer chew pan before boxing?’ I came to know about this quite late,” he said.,

“Mary’s expressions changed and Kapil sensed she was getting angry. “Don’t be angry,” Kapil requested when Mary got annoyed.

““No, I am not, I have never been angry but now, you are enraging me. You’ve been pulling my leg,” she said. While Archana teased her by saying, “Show him how angry you can be, Mary,” Kapil tried to calm her down.

““Chankya की 4 सर्वोत्तम युक्तियाँ