Kapil Sharma Fans Disappointed As Farah Khan Mimics Archana Puran Singh On His Show: 'Super Cringe'

Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor will be gracing the upcoming episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show.

Recently, the makers of the comedy show released a promo, sharing a glimpse of the episode. 

In the clip, Farah was seen mimicking Archana Puran Singh. While Farah’s mimicry left many laughing out loud, a section of the audience was also disappointed with it.

The promo begins with Anil Kapoor saying that Farah Khan is going to audition for Archana’s seat in Kapil’s show. 

Hume dekhna hai Archana ji better hai ya yeh better hai (We have to see who is better Archana or Farah),” 

Anil Kapoor said. Following this, the 67-year-old actor said some lines to which Farah reacted and laughed aloud, like Archana.

She clapped and mimicked Archana by saying, “too good, too good”. 

Farah’s mimicry left even Kapil Sharma go ROFL. Watch the promo here:

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