Grandfather of Pune accident accused paid Chhota Rajan to kill corporator: Charge sheet 

Last Sunday, when the 17-year-old son of one of Pune’s prominent builders was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board

he was caught for driving under the influence of alcohol and running over two people, his grandfather stood surety for his bail. He also assured JJB that the minor would mend his ways.

It has now emerged that the grandfather who started the family’s construction business allegedly has underworld connections and was booked by Pune police for hiring a mercenary from Chhota Rajan’s gang to bump off a Shiv Sena corporator, Ajay Bhosale.

It According to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which has charge-sheeted the boy’s grandfather, he allegedly contracted Chhota Rajan in 2009 to execute Bhosale’s murder. 

The grandfather — who cannot be named as it would reveal the identity of the minor accused — first gave the contract to the gangster to mediate with his brother with whom he was having a dispute over division of multiple properties, the agency said.

Rajan, in turn, contacted Bhosale who was close to the brother to lean on him and get the issue resolved in his client’s favour. Bhosale, who was in the midst of contesting the 2009 assembly elections from Wadgaon-Sheri on a Sena ticket, did not intervene.

Rajan’s client also suspected Bhosale to be inclined in his brother’s favour so he then asked the gangster to eliminate Bhosale, according to CBI. A hitman fired at Bhosale’s car as he drove through Koregaon Park but the bullet hit his driver instead, injuring him. Bhosale escaped unharmed.

Sometime in 2009, I was contacted by Chhota Rajan to intervene in the property disputes between two brothers (the teen’s grandfather and his sibling)

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