Drunk Farah Khan 'Abused' DJ at Party Hosted For Ed Sheeran: 'Kya Maiyyat Ke Gaane Baja Raha Hai'

Director-choreographer Farah Khan confessed she got badly drunk at the party she hosted for Ed Sheeran. Appearing on the Great Indian Kapil Show, 

Farah and Kapil opened up about one of the parties she hosted for Ed. Kapil claimed that Farah once invited Ed and then failed to recognise him. 

Farah is such a great host that sometimes, she invites guests and then fails to recognise them. Once, Ed Sheeran had visited her.

She didn’t recognise him,” Kapil said. Farah clarified that it wasn’t the case.

Instead, she failed to recognise his songs and ended up abusing the DJ playing his songs instead. “No, I recognised him, that’s not true.

When Ed Sheeran had come, we all got a little drunk. The DJ was playing something. In my inebriated state, I went up to the DJ and abused him a little..

I asked him, ‘Kya maiyyat ke gaane baja raha hai (Why are you playing these funeral songs)’. The DJ replied, ‘Ma’am, I am playing Ed Sheeran songs.’ ..

I said, ‘Ok then, carry on,'” she said, breaking into a laugh.

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